Strategic IT Consulting

What can we solve for your IT team or CIO?

IT professionals are faced with a dizzying array of products, services and applications in today's fast paced and ever-expanding software & hardware market.
How can all those new products can solve real-world business problems? Innovadvice offers consulting solutions that will help you operate faster, leaner, and more effectively.

#InfoSec and IT Security is a top-of-mind issue for every IT organization today—but to ensure maximum protection, security must be approached in layers.
Innovadvice's wide range of security solutions leverage multiple industry-leading suppliers to layered security solutions offering that encompasses the entire environment from Endpoint to network edges and links with the combination of security & manageability that’s right for your business.

Delivering applications thru open source code provides flexibility, security, interoperability, and reduced costs. However, Open Source creates the need for tools to help ensure compliance, security, and functionality during the development, deployment, and upgrades. Our Open Source solutions provides those tools—and more—, which help solve the business challenges of Open Source development to the end user.

Converged infrastructure blends together computing, storage and networking to reduce compatibility issues and TCO (total cost of ownership). We provide solution-focused Converged Infrastructure for software-defined storage, Virtualization, and Disaster Recovery solutions for SMEs and Enterprises, from a simple NaS to a wide array backup robot.

Networking is the core of IT infrastructure and is often the most complicated to implement and manage.
To ensure availability, IT must have tools to proactively secure and manage your network.
Our Telecomm and Network Management solutions provide infrastructure, security, management, and monitoring to help meet the real-world needs of today's always-on data centers.

The only true protection for IT servers and systems is a regular Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan. Protection for all key systems is critical to the long-term success of your busines as disasters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Innovadvice's Backup & Replication solutions provide products and services to define, establish a process, plans, and technology that delivers the right level of protection and resolves a wide variety of possible disasters in the IT environment of today's spread workplace.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are investing in virtualization technologies to ensure scalability, security, and management capabilities. Our virtualization consultants help you reduce costs, increase security and reduce IT complexity in areas such as server consolidation and containment; testing & development optimization; business continuity and disaster recovery; and client manageability & security.